Saturday, April 18, 2009


My riding/camping trip got cancelled so today turned into a big day for getting things done. Thought I was gonna sleep in so set the alarm for 6:30... rolled over wide awake to see the clock at 5:45... so got up and fed and cleaned up some stuff and got ready and we were on the road by 8am. Off to Buckeye to take a look at a colt born about 3 weeks ago... he just looked way too much like Justice. Couldn't stand not going... but nope it's not him. Sad but relieved, sure don't need another big mouth to feed right now! Then it's off across the valley to Queen Creek to pick up the trailer and hay from Lindsey's house and we had made arrangements to take the kids to lunch while we were there - Hilary was spending the day there anyway and TJ lives so close. Andria of course is out of state so out of range, so the only one we were missing was Alex. But things went really downhill there... her dad decided to show up to do some yard work, unannounced and unplanned and unexpected... so even though he was off to Home Depot to pick up a few things when we got there, I WAS NOT ALLOWED IN THE HOUSE. It seems that the wicked step-mother has forbidden Lindsey to let me in "their" house. {{PS that post a while back about my internet stalker? Guess who?????}}

Now granted her dad did buy the house and he is helping her with expenses, but she earned herself a full ride scholarship to college which he now does NOT have to pay for... so why shouldn't he do his part? What his wife has to do with any of it is really beyond me, since she doesn't work it's not like it's HER money... she's living off him just as much as Lindsey is. But what hurts the worst is that Lindsey refuses to say anything, just lets them dictate to her to treat me like some kind of pariah...

To add insult to injury, when I fed for her last weekend, the wicked stepmother told her she'd better check her hay afterwards to make sure I didn't steal any while I was there... Lindsey's reported response was that since I don't feed alfalfa I wouldn't take it. Which sure makes it sound to me like she was saying that if the hay WAS what I feed, I WOULD take it...

Well you can bet your boots that's the last time I drive an hour and a half to go visit her if I am not even to be allowed in the house. I honestly believed I had raised all my girls better than that, but apparently money talks louder than love and dad beats me hands down in the money department.

Well she has made her bed and she is the one who has to sleep in it. I don't and I won't. I got myself out of that house YEARS ago and I can't be thankful enough. I have apologized to the girls that I let a liar fool me into becoming their father and I can only hope that their experiences with him will protect them from being a sucker like I was...

I feel so sorry for Lindsey that she is under his thumb like that but if she won't stand up for herself, well, it's her choice. All I can do is continue to pray for her - and if y'all don't mind sending a prayer her way I'd appreciate that as well. She just doesn't understand that she doesn't HAVE to let him do that... doesn't HAVE to let the stepmom dictate to her. That woman watches every nickel he spends on his girls because that's one less nickel for her!

Oh, and you might add Hilary to your prayers as well, because the way things are going she is going to end up in the same boat as her sister.

As for me, I am so lucky to have Randy!!!!!!!!! No amount of money is worth putting up with abuse, and now matter how little we may have from time to time, I wouldn't give up the true love I have found with him. If the stepmom wasn't so evil herself, I'd actually feel sorry for her... because she will NEVER have what I have.

So anyway off we go after lunch to stop by Randy's folks' place and pick up his Jeep, which was left there yesterday when his dad helped him pick up the Dodge. It's all fixed now and able again to haul the big trailer so we can get ready to put the Ford up for sale... and either live off that money for a while or pay off some bills. Then we went by Dan & Mary's to visit with JoJo the orphan foal and Blue Bell her adoptive mother. Look - nursing!!!

Look! Nursing... with warning to gelding in next pen STAY AWAY!!!

AAWWW, family portrait!

Just look at this filly... have you ever seen a more unfriendly, shy, people-hating horse??? {{yes that's my attempt at sarcasm lol}}

Dan says even if the nursing thing doesn't get to 100% (they are still having to supplement), it's such a blessing to have Blue Bell accept the filly to raise, and teach her to be a real horse... bottle babies can have all sorts of behavior problems because they are TOO friendly... Blue Bell stands guard over the filly every time she lays down.

Just down the street from Dan is Richard's place, I don't know why I didn't get the camera out again but I had to stop and see his crop of TEN mini horse foals! Richard is where I got my very first minis... and just around the corner from there I stopped at Christina's who I know through AZCBR, she was selling some pony halters which fit the BLM-sized donkeys pretty good, and I can never seem to find enough of them. So now I have a good selection and when Christina realized who I was {donkey rescue} she not only cut the cost, she threw in some extra!

Then off I went home to do some more chores and we finally got "my" room painted, WOO HOO! So tomorrow hopefully we can start with the tile...

I did get a lot done today but all in all, I'd have rather gone to Chevlon. More fun, less heartbreak...


Mrs Mom said...

Amen and prayers headed your way.

Sure am glad to see that mare and foal together!!

You have done a good job by your girls. Now it is time for them to learn their way, boundaries, and WHO they are for real. It hurts like hell too, but... you did the best that you could with all your heart and soul. Know that WILL make a difference!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Wow…riding camping trip how cool!
Sorry to hear about the problem step-mother, I will have to go back to the post about your internet stalker to do a little more catch up. My prayers go out to your girls and I hope they realize the relationship between you and them is very important.
That adoptive mother is sure doing a great job with that darling foal. My momma horse still stands near her baby, who is 3 years old, when he sleeps She also is the Alpha mare until it comes to her baby who she allows to eat and share anything with her.

happy horsin around!