Tuesday, April 14, 2009

OK Mikey - WHO WON???

You are the expert Mikey so I will leave the decision up to you!

Tonight I trimmed John Henry because he should be able to go home soon. He was not thrilled with the idea. He was REALLY not thrilled with the idea. Since he refused to give me his feet he ended up on his side on the ground. And I DID get him trimmed! But in the process he did the following to me:

Blood blister, bruise and abrasion on right palm:

Double-barrel kick with hind legs to the left side of my neck!

Didn't take pictures of everything but yes there is more...
Bruise and abrasion on right ankle
Several bruises on right shin
Bruise and abrasion on right knee
Abrasion on left knee
Feels like whiplash both sides of back of neck
Feels like pulled muscle left shoulder
3 abrasions inside right forearm
Multiple bruises inside right forearm
Bruise and abrasion outside right wrist
Aching back

And I am sure I will find more tomorrow! All this because I was afraid of squishing the little guy so didn't hold him tight enough...

When Hilary got home I asked her to go let the horses out since I was beat up. She said she thought that was a hickey on my neck. GREEEEEAAAAAT!

So, Mikey, what's your verdict?

PS Note to self - SPEND MORE TIME working with foals on picking up feet!!!


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Lady, We've been there too, and felt your pain alllll tooooo clearly!! I still have a dent in my left calf muscle from being kicked by a mini stud, that we called Chupacabra. THAT little SOB gave my linebacker sized husband a RIDE! ;)

Hate to say it, but I think the little fuzzy dude got round one, but you get bonus points for Cowgirling UP and getting his fuzzy little arse TRIMMED!! Wear your marks with pride- they show your inner strength!

CTG Ponies said...

Good for you getting him trimmed, despite what he inflicted on you. I've got a scar at the beginning of my eyebrow from taking a hoof stand to the face. Aren't they fun??

Tish said...

OUCH! Guess you showed him huh? (G) I thought having a jack take a bite out of my thigh was bad enough. Sounds like he rolled you like a tumblebug, the list is quite extensive. Hopefully you'll be up to telling us how you feel soon.

Mikey said...

OMG WOMAN! Be freakin careful! I just saw this just now, wow is all I can say. If the job got done, you won. If not, lol, then he did.
I always wondered about you. You're all fearless around those little critters, but man, I am scared of their hooves. They are dead accurate!!
Congrats on cowgirling up, but damn woman. Be careful. Remember the girths and ropes and all that we've used? Don't hesitate to tie up one of those critters!

PaintedPromise said...

tie them up? heck i was LAYING ON HIM... but that's what happened, i was afraid to squish the little guy so i didn't hold on tight enough...

no worries, i am almost back to normal. normal? did i say normal? lol

anyway WOO HOO Mikey says I WON!!! cause the job DID get done... and i have been working on his every night, he is much better now about giving those feet :) just in time to go home to his new owner...