Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wait and See

Today after work I visited with a neighbor who recently purchased a miniature donkey jennet. She wanted me to tell her if I thought her donkey was pregnant. I told her I'm no expert, I've only had three born here... but I would come and look.

So I looked. And I touched. And I have no idea. The donkey is pretty round... but so was Betty Jean last year and NO BABY! The donkey has a bit of an udder, but the owner has no history so if she has already had several babies it might be left-overs, again like Betty Jean. Two of my three foals came from first-time moms and with a donkey that has had several, they get more and more out of shape (gee does that sound familiar???) so without knowing her history, it's a mystery. And yes I did that on purpose lol.

My parting words to the neighbor:

"If she DOES have a foal, call me, I want to come and see!"

I am so glad I was so helpful to her!

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Twinville said...

Ok. I know I'd be just as helpful! hehe

My neighbor's horse has been bred and I am so excited to watch her belly grow, feel the foal and see it being born...and watch it grow up! So many firsts and so many little miracles, eh?