Friday, August 8, 2008

Riding Luna :)

Well Lindsey said she would start my filly for me... she worked with her once in the last 5 weeks. So I guess I give up on Lindsey... I was even gonna pay her!

Went back to Little Elden (horse camp north of Flagstaff) this weekend with some of my AZBCR friends and figured that after I had ponied Luna for several hours, she would be tired enough to behave with a rider :) I had some assistance though, I had searched my tack room at home and found two EMPTY helmet boxes and no helmets... I think the girls made them disappear so they wouldn't have to wear them {sigh} so I borrowed a helmet from Sabrina and asked her to keep hold of the lead rope just in case, while Linda rode alongside on her mare Kate and took pictures for me.

Luna doesn't even care that I get in the saddle. She is still pretty nervous about walking around by herself though! But she was very good for me and Sabrina was so helpful, walked us clear around the circle of the camp :) I am so proud of my girl!

This was actually her second ride, last year up at Groom Creek I did something similar and had Hilary walk me up and down for a few minutes - again after a several hour ride so she was nice and worn out lol. She was a good girl then too :)


Twinville said...

How exciting! Glad the quick ride went so well. She sounds like a wonderful horse. And she's cute, too!

Linda K. said...

You both rode like pros!  Luna will be on the trail solo before we can blink!!!