Sunday, August 3, 2008

Swimming With Horses

Wow did we have a great ride this morning. Had to get up "at the crack of Oh My Goodness" as my friend Sabrina put it, but it was worth it! Here's some pictures of our fun...

Our fearless leader Joe

In the river

That's my friend Mary on my (sorrel) Paint Mare and Sabrina next to her on her B&W Jersey (yes she is named after a COW)

The first crossing

Playing in the "swimming hole"

and me the hero for getting Sadie the dog across the last water crossing safely...

Poor dog, the first time she swam on a lead rope, actually did pretty good, the rope kept her from getting swept downstream although she almost slipped her collar... second crossing though her collar was tightened, then it was choking her. Third crossing they tried to put her on her owner's horse who said NO WAY and then another horse who said NO WAY - but my girl Katie was a dog-carrying champ!

PS like my hat? It's Randy's, from his Colorado River trip. Well, THIS was MY river trip!


Mikey said...

Wow, where the heck is THAT? And that's a good girl you're riding there, carrying the dog and all. You are brave to cross that river!!!

PaintedPromise said...

Salt River, Mikey, Coon Bluff - take Power Road north, turns into Bush Highway, watch for the sign for Coon Bluff and turn left... you REALLY need to get on AZBCR more often and come ride with us :)

Lisascraftroom said...

Seeing the mountains makes me sooooo homesick. Nate is in Az right now grabbing things from the house with my father. They drove my dads truck down. I stayed back with the girls and dogs and cats. I'm SOOOO wanting to go back to Az. I miss my home! My parents are taking over mortgage and will be changing things in my home and I'm kinda pissed about it and very sad. What was supposed to be a 6 month vacation turned into hell and 3 or more years living in ever changing WISCONSIN!! I really do NOT like it here. The girls like it so far. wait until snow balls hit them in the ass. Dream and Abby will hate it then! LOL~~ Poor Abby wants to play her games and go underweight again and rack up a vet bill because we were worried about her. All checks out well. We gave her an extra boost of de-wormer along with the other two as he thinks some may have lived even tho we de-worm like clockwork. So now she has her own stall and is on an added feed to boost weight. She likes not having to fight for food and space. We will be making a stall for Tori also as they will ALL be seperated. Dream wants to be big mean boss. SO we will fix that! Anyhow Miss my mountains, home, and friends :-(....


Momma / Cowgirl said...

This looked like so much fun! I am not so sure how my horses would do with water. Hubby and i have not had much trail experience, we do want to ride more, but time and skiddos about make it harder to just drop everything and go.
I am going to go to that website again and check it out more to find fellow trail riders and ride times.

take care and happy horsin' around!