Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Everybody say "aaawwwwww"

Sorry but these next couple of weeks will probably be mostly puppy pics, they are just too adorable now and I won't have them around much longer, I can't believe they are 4 weeks old ALREADY!!!


Debby said...

Nuthing cuter than a pile of puppies. So has Randy relented?

kdwhorses said...

Oh man, there is way too much puppy cuteness here! Send some my way!

Thanks for sharing them with us! 4 weeks already?!?!?

PaintedPromise said...

sadly no, Debby, although i did read him your comments :)

we will see... i'm not trying real hard to place him anywhere yet. although i realize that the last thing i need is dog #14 at our house {sigh} but FOUR of them do belong to the girls, not me :)

and kdw i would be THRILLED to send you a Heeler lol

The Wife said...

Too cute! Nothing better than puppies!