Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brain Surgery

Today was Sherman's scheduled neuter appointment. I can only imagine what all the rest of the dogs are thinking... yesterday I took Hannah to work with me and she didn't come home. Today I took Sherman to work with me... I'll bet they were thinking "OMG who's gonna be next???"

Thankfully all went well with Sherman - I wouldn't have even been worried if it weren't for yesterday. He is back home resting comfortably and although it took a fwe minutes he has forgiven me for leaving him with strangers all day...

PS as for the mountain lion it seems that MAY be a rumor, no one has been able to confirm exactly WHOSE horse and dog were supposedly killed... I found out Tuesday that the gal who told me heard it from a gal whose daughter heard it from a 17-year-old neighbor kid... hhhmmmmmmmm... one can always hope I guess!

Tomorrow I am off to the Rim Country for a weekend of camping with my dad. May not seem like much until you know that for about ten years my dad would not even talk to me. See when he divorced my mom and walked away from all of us, he decided to be mad at me for "taking HER side". Well excuse me but if you walk away you leave me with two choices... I could have my mom, or I could have NO PARENTS AT ALL... after HIS mom died a couple of years ago it kinda woke him up and he is trying now. So I am trying too. The weirdest part is, things seem to have come full circle and I am, for the first time in my life, NOT as close to my mom... all I can say is, thank God for Randy, my girls and my critters!!!!


Debby said...

That's nice that your dad, 'woke up'. Some people never do.

My brother left his wife. The 10 year old little girl who was the light of everyone's eyes is now caught in the middle. Both my brother and his wife complain loudly about the other forcing her to 'choose', but the fact is that they are, both of them, ripping this child apart.

Sara said...

What is it with fathers? Mine left when I was 9, saw him again when I was 11 and then nothing. Then one day when I was 24 and 6 months away from getting married, he had his wife (whom I had never met) call my grandmother to get my info. It's been touch and go, but we at least talk some now. I'd like to say that it isn't a big deal, but somehow, I still feel the scars of it.

I'm glad that you and your father were able to come together again.

kdwhorses said...

Brain surgery! He he he!!! Glad all went well!

Glad for you and your Dad. I know what you are saying my Dad has never been the same since my mom died over 17 years ago. He has become very selfish and has kinda forgotten his has children or grandchildren for that matter. I could say it doesn't bother me, but it does. He lives less than a 45 mintues from me and I haven't seen him in months. I don't understand it, it is all about him and his lady friend. Anywho won't bore you with details, just know you are not alone. I'm glad for you he is reaching out and taking a step. Hope you all have a great weekend!

Mikey said...

Hey, YOU, lady with the lil donkeys... where are you? I'm missing my daily dose here.
Where are you???!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I am so sorry to hear that Hannah passed away. She had the sweetest face. Belated hugs to you all!

I hope things go good with rebuilding a relationship with your father. I spent some time with mine just a few weeks before he died. I think I would have felt rather bad about it if I hadn't taken the time to talk to him. Prior to that, I hadn't spoken to him for 3 years.