Monday, August 11, 2008

Speaking of Crazy Neighbors

OK so Mikey's post about her crazy neighbor came at an opportune time for me to join her on that theme. Thank God I was gone to Little Elden but when I called Randy on my way home Sunday he said he was just getting up... IT WAS AFTER 3:00!!! He was quick to explain that he didn't get to bed until 5:00 A.M. because the swat team was out at the neighbor's and he actually had to evacuate our house! Apparently they got called by the neighbor who insisted that three armed men were doing a home invasion on him... Randy was awakened by a bullhorn voice saying "Come out of the house with your hands up" and thought NO WAY so he called 9-1-1 to ask if they were talking to HIM (he said he couldn't remember shooting anybody lol) and the 9-1-1 operator verified his address and said no, it was the neighbor... cop cars galore, the swat team and even a helicopter, and our horses and dogs were troopers through the whole thing... ilary was at her dad's and Lindsey spent the night with a friend down the street because she couldn't come home!

And me, I was freaking out listening to him, asking him "What about the horses?" and "What about the dogs?" Poor guy was sitting in a Jeep on the side of the road a quarter mile from our house waiting for the swat team to come get him so they could search our property... but they told HIM to leave because they were worried about stray bullets and don't they think a bullet could hit one of my animals just as well as a person???

Oh yeah, and guess what? They didn't find even one armed man, let alone three...

Gee, did I say Thank God that I wasn't home???


Mikey said...

OMG! I'm sorry, but I had to laugh! I can only imagine Randy... I bet that wasn't fun at all!! Wow.
Yep, you got the crazy neighbor too, lol. Ours hasn't done anything wildly exciting yet, but we're waiting. It won't be long.

Debby said...

Cripes. You and Mikey are making me feel pretty darn lucky

kdwhorses said...

Holy cow! Crazy is right!

I agree what about the animals!!

Glad everyone was alright!

Sara said...

That reminds me of a time when I was 10 years old. A man that lived across the street from us, Ray, had been drinking and I guess was threatening his wife. She called the police, and a whole swarm showed up. He barricaded himself behind one of his horses, with a gun. A couple hours, and a lot of negotiating later, and they finally took him away. We were never evacuated, and the whole time, I remember thinking "I hope they don't shoot the horse".

I'm glad no one was hurt at your place. Scary for sure.