Thursday, August 21, 2008

The First Goodbye

Well the pups were six weeks old on Tuesday so they can go home now. The first two went today, Zack and Zoe, their new mom met me in the parking lot this morning before work. I will miss the little cuties, but 2 less pups pooping on my kitchen floor is not a bad thing... I did talk to their new mom after work today and she is very happy with them, although a tad exhausted... she said she took them outside to potty about eighty times lol.

Chelsea will be next but she is staying a couple of weeks because her new mom is going out of town next week.

Then Zeus will leave in December when Lindsey leaves for school (change in campus due to class availability) - and Rocket of course is staying. Guess I am lucky, I am getting weaned up pups rather slowly :)

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