Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet Patches

Remember the new rescue pony? Debbie and her sister Soleil both talked to him and he says his name is Patches. Between the two of them they both got that name and that he is about 10-11 years old. He doesn't want to talk much about his past, he is more concerned with his future and what is going to happen to him. But they did get this:

"He's showing me a cart, so he must have pulled a cart at sometime. He says that humans have been mean to him, but he hasn't been abused or hurt physically. He was ignored, not taken care of, sometimes only fed once per day etc. Mostly being ignored. He was lonely, very lonely. Was either by himself or kept away from other horses. He wants to have equine friends. I see green grass, so he must have been somewhere with green grass."

Based on his loneliness I let him out with my herd but I did tell him beforehand that he should not bond with anyone here as he is not supposed to stay here...

"he keeps showing me a little blond girl that he loves....maybe this girl will show up but for some reason he feels connected to her so it could be someone from the past or someone he is looking to connect to in the future - I've explained that you are trying to find him a home where he will be happy and I've asked him to make it very clear when he meets someone he likes so you will know. He says he will do this but he seems very uninterested in people at the moment. I'm also getting something is wrong with his back - needs an adjustment I think but I'd have to look at him to know what he's showing me. It almost feels like he has a rib out.

I always say Ponies must have the worst karma of the horse world because they are generally moved alot, abused and neglected due to the nature of being a kid's first horse over and over again. I think he may have bonded and then been passed on and his heartache has shut him down. Horses moving around is always hard on them. I've apologized to him for the way he has been treated and explained that not all humans are the same. I've also passed on your messages."

My messages being that he is not meant to stay here, that he is here so that I can find him a home and family of his very own, but that I will keep an eye on him from now on.

Soleil also got this:

"Looks like he was in a carting accident and was injured...seems like we need to check his back legs, hips, and I think the pole hit his ribs."

So we will be having the vet/chiro out soon, I'm going to call tomorrow and try to schedule.

Took these today:


kdwhorses said...

What a cutie! Give him TLC from me!

Debby said...

I'm glad you get to keep your dog. Mostly, I'd like to borrow your friends. My dog is a stray, and I'd love to be able to 'see' where he came from.

Cheryl said...

Awwww....Patches is CUTE! I have a Patches, too...only she's a calico kitty!