Sunday, August 17, 2008

Big Storm!

After we ate dinner last night I took these shots about a minute apart, over a span of not more than 5 minutes - see how the clouds boiled up and got bigger and then came together?

We did get a FEW minutes by the campfire

Not long after we went to bed last night it started pouring... I had blanketed the horses becuase of the wind but their blankets are water resistant, not water proof, so I kept listening to it rain, thinking "I really need to get out there and bring them under the trailer awning..." but also thinking "If the rain would just stop now, I could go back to sleep..."

I finally got up, put my raincoat on over my PJs, and moved all our stuff over to one corner under the awning, and brought the horses under it. Not much room but they could huddle together, and since Luna's blanket had soaked through I removed it and put her in the middle. The other two were wet outside but not under the blankets... and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I went back to bed, the rain stopped. I don't think it rained again the rest of the night - at least, it didn't rain hard enough to wake me up! Got up about dawn and put the girls back in the corral and fed them breakfast, then went back to bed and took my afternoon nap early! I was so tired...

When Randy got up, after I was up and had my own breakfast, I saddled up Katie for him and Luna for me and he rode around camp so I could follow on Luna. He was ready to take us out on the road but I was not up for that... however this is the first time I have ridden Luna WITHOUT wearing her out first by ponying on a trail ride, and she did really well :)

Not far down the hill on the way home Randy pulled over to check the brakes and they were on fire! No thanks to the guy in front of us who did NOT know how to drive... one good thing about pulling over was he got far enough ahead of us that he didn't impact us any more. Randy doused them with water from the Igloo in the back of the truck {mental note - BUY A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!!} and we will have the brakes on the trailer checked as they were not operating at top capacity either. As for the truck, the brakes were just replaced in May, so back to the shop it goes, and they can fix it like they SHOULD have the first time!!!!

But we are home safe and sound!


Mikey said...

Very scary!!! Good thing you checked those brakes!
Glad you're back safe and sound, I got to thinking "Please, she didn't go to Supai or near there, hopefully!"
Can't wait to see pics. I'm so jealous..

Twinville said...

Oh my gosh!! Is that a deer standing behind you, in front of the bushes and trees??
It's so close!
Did you even know it was there before taking this picture???