Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hay There!

This morning we finally got the shade put up next to the hay barn so that I could move the supplements, buckets and miscellaneous feeding stuff OUT of the hay barn and actually use the whole thing for hay. I meant to take before, during and after pictures but I forgot before and during {sigh}

But the big adventure today was getting hay.

After driving all the way to Buckeye and back with my good friend Mary we arrived back at her house to offload her hay, parked around the side because we were waiting for Rick to return and move his truck (he and Randy went shopping - guy stuff!) and they were right behind us... anyway we got out of the truck and it was spitting, I do watch all my gauges and all were fine but it was green liquid... turned around to get a better look and noticed that the middle tire on the 3-axle trailer was GONE! Oops, didn't even see or feel that one... in going close to check that out, discoveed that the light plug had fallen out of the truck and dragged on the road and was actually gone off the end of the wire... all the while my stomach is sinking more and more, hoo boy Randy is NOT going to be happy... but he was very good about it, none of it was my fault, just stuff happens... the truck isn't bad, probably a pinhole in the lower radiator hose, the trailer tire a different story because the rim got net and they are odd tires so hard to find... we've been looking for one to use as a spare since we bought the thing and no luck so far... and I NEED this trailer!!!

Nothing else we have will haul this much hay and I'm just not paying for fuel to drive to Buckeye for 10 bales!!
Here's the other side, Randy and Rick had to remove the tire on that side as well so the axle would balance and "float" and nothing else would get ruined, and we limped the 2.5 miles home on 4 tires - very carefully!!

So poor Randy, I am going to visit Andria this weekend and HE will be repairing the trailer!!

Did I mention how very much I love this man????

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