Monday, August 4, 2008

The Pups At Four Weeks

Pup #1, boy, the one that likes me :)

Pup #2, girl, claimed by Maureen who works in my building, her name is Zoe :)

Pup #3, girl, claimed by my friend, riding buddy and neighbor Mary... still working on the perfect name :)

Pup #4, boy, claimed by Maureen's husband Ken, his name is Zack :)

And pup #5, boy, this is the one Lindsey wants to keep but has to place Tanner before I will let her commit to him, she is calling him Zeus :)

We are having tons of fun with them. Wish we could wait until they were 6-8 MONTHS old before we had to give them up, instead of 6-8 WEEKS... our time is almost up!

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