Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Last fall I learned that the law firm I work for was splitting up, there was a strong possibility I would be losing my job by the end of the year... BUT I got hired on by the big firm that the one partner was going back to, which was taking over the lease. So I had guaranteed employment till the end of the lease, which was up in June. I got a letter to that effect, through May 31. Then it was discovered that the lease was up the END of June, not the beginning, and got written confirmation until June 30. No guarantees after that, but they said we would take it month-to-month... and they did negotiate a 3-month lease extension so I am comfortable about working through September 30... my direct supervisor keeps saying don't worry, but he is no longer the one in charge so yeah, I do worry... with Randy still out of work, I NEED this job. In fact I sent out 140 resumes last fall and I got NOTHING back... scary!!!

Today I got an e-mail from corporate that I got a raise! So WAHOO I am doing a happy dance, this bodes well for the continuation of the northwest branch office, of which I am the only staff!


But please, continue to pray for me in this regard... I cannot totally relax until I get written confirmation that this office is NOT closing...

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Debby said...

Oh, that is good news. I'll be praying for you both. Hard times everywhere.