Saturday, June 12, 2010

Levi and Stetson Come Home

Got a call from Kathy last night that my boys were ready to come home so this morning I went and picked up Levi and Stetson! And looking back I realize that I never did blog about them when I went to pick them out {sigh I have been so behind!} Well here they are now!

Between yesterday and today, my little horse trailer thinks it is now a goat hauler!

Checking out their new home

They are watching the dogs watch them... but this is a good picture for seeing Levi's one and only "spot" - although it's more of a roany patch than an actual spot!

Neener neener, you can't get me!

Stetson on the other hand is busy making the acquaintance of the feed tub!

Levi making himself at home... well I guess Stetson is too in a different way!

Another blue-eyed critter for me! Except for not being a horse he looks a lot like Skeye and Ozzie lol.

Odd angle I know but I wanted to show the tips of Stetson's ears - maybe his middle name should be FRECKLES!

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