Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Conversion (Part 2)

Randy went by yesterday and took some pictures of the progress on the truck... the box has been removed!

Sure looks long from this angle!

The guy also asked about the springs, where Randy planned to take the truck to have some removed (for less bounce now that the truck won't be so heavy - same thing we did to the school bus we were modifying to a motor home years ago) and he said while things were apart he could do it for the same price, so now we have one less separate step to take!!

And he went by again today... harder to see since they moved the truck... but they have removed one section of the drive train...

The holes you see in the frame were holding the spring brackets for the old location of the rear tires... the holes toward the front will become the rear holes for the new location, and the rest of the frame will be removed.
Again, stay tuned!

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