Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our Last Day :(

We are SO not ready to go home yet...

Today Randy took the truck in, Hilary rode Katie and ponied Destiny again and I had Jasmine, we went with the group out from the park and rode to the viewpoint of the lake again.

Thanks to Brenda for this picture of Sherman:

And thanks to Pat for this picture of us heading down the trail.

Nice little ride until close to the end when my saddle suddenly decided it was going over the side!!! And yes I DID tighten my cinch more than once... But Jasmine was SUCH a good girl, I was on the ground, lost the reins, the saddle was hanging off her side and Sherman dangling!!!!! And all she did was turn her head and look at me like "What are you doing down there?" Part of it was probably that Katie and Destiny were right there and Hilary stopped when I hollered that my saddle was slipping... but I am ever so grateful that she is not a freaking-out kind of horse, God only knows what would have happened to Sherman if she had panicked and run off! I unclipped him right quick and then tried to slide the saddle back up but no go, had to take the whole thing off and start over...

I was not really hurt (except my pride lol) but a little stiff and sore, and I think I might have pulled a muscle trying to right myself as I slid over... so I didn't ride this afternoon, just hung out in camp and then went shopping for our potluck contribution.

What a wonderful way to end the trip - great company and great food around a great campfire :)

And in the morning, we pack up and head for home!

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