Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Riding Cuyamaca

Cuyamaca (say "kwee-uh-muk-uh") is a lovely area! It fell victim to a HUGE forest fire back in, if I recall correctly, 2003, and you can see that a lot of big trees were lost from the pictures. But it has grown back a lot and we really enjoyed riding there.

Not far from the parking spot was a lake!

Hilary behind me, riding Katie and ponying Destiny... poor Randy ended up staying with the rigs because Destiny got beat up in the trailer on the way, but since the @#$%^&* truck was overheating AGAIN he kindly let Hilary ride Katie and he stayed to mess with the truck... (and he got in a nap, and read a book...)

Janet who lives in Redlands and rides Cuyamaca often was leading the way on her Arab Buddy, with K and Teresa on Amigo and Apache behind her, then Pat and Playboy, and Mary and Buck. That really odd stripe you see on Buck's rear is actually Jasmine's ear! It took me looking real close to figure out what had happened to his lineback lol.

We got real close to the lake right at the end of skirting it, then headed off to the forest...

We saw lots of squirrels and birds, including wild turkeys, and... look closely...


And we saw some other indigenous wildlife...

SIXTH GRADERS! There is a nature camp in the area and we saw several "flocks" of kids, who were all excited over the horses.


On the way trail back to the parking spot, we went through an area of beautiful bushes - California Lilac! - some had white flowers and some had blue! Playboy is a good 16 hands so you can see how tall the bushes are!

Just some of the shots where you can tell that the forest burned and the dead stuff sticks up taller than the new growth - we kept saying how awesome it would have been to ride there BEFORE the fire, and Janet confirmed it!

And if you look closely you will see wild turkeys behind this tree! No, really, you can't see them... they are BEHIND the tree. But they were THERE!!!

Tomorrow is the park ride in town and Jack-In-The-Box! And maybe, Baskin Robbins!

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Anonymous said...

I wish I could've joind you on this ride! Hopefully next time! Beautiful pictures!