Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Conversion (Part 4)


WAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOO got a call from Randy about 4:30, he was driving the truck home!!! And of course I had a dinner to go to after work tonight for someone that is moving away... I was hoping I would get home in time to take pictures before dark!!! If not I could do it in the morning before work, and hopefully have time to download and upload them before I have to leave (we are taking the truck to get the hitch installed first thing in the morning!)

Well it was only DUH for a short time, then it occurred to me that RANDY could take pictures before it got dark!!

So he parked the International in line with the rear of the Dodge...

And in this picture you can see how the International is just a tad longer than the Dodge!

I sure wish we had thought to park both trucks even at the nose and show how much longer the big truck was... but we didn't think of it. Wouldn't that have been a good before and after???

Quite a bit taller though

Current view from the rear:

For comparison, the picture posted earlier BEFORE the frame rails were cut:

Another good comparison pair... remember BEFORE?

And now, AFTER:

By the time i got home and fed it was dark so no more pictures but yes I did climb in and sit behind the wheel for a few minutes lol...

And this is where the hitch will be attached - TOMORROW!

And thanks a ton to my friend Pat who is meeting me at B&M and taking me the rest of the way to work since Randy has to help his little brother {and no he isn't real happy about that he wants to play with the truck lol}

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