Monday, June 14, 2010

The Conversion - Box Truck to Hauler

Randy has been talking to lots of folks and unfortunately what we were told BEFORE we brought the truck home is not the same as what we were told AFTER... however he is amazing at figuring things out and won't give up, so I am confident that I will have my hauler. It may take a little longer, cost a little more, and have to be done in stages instead of all at once, but it WILL happen!

So to begin, this picture was taken after Randy measured and figured and measured and marked... where you see the ladder is where the rear wheels will end up. And where Randy is standing is where the back end of the truck will be.

He found a "new" guy, not the ones he was talking to before, who will remove the box and trade it for removing one section of the drive shaft, pulling the wheels forward to the new position, and cutting off the excess frame. The guy looked at the truck Monday and said he could start Wednesday, to bring it back Tuesday. Well I have a boss on Tuesday and can't rearrange my lunch hour so I said take it back Monday afternoon! after all that saves the fuel of driving it clear back out to Wittmann for the night too! And that's what happened.

Stay tuned!

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