Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jasmine's New Nikes

Thanks so much to my friend Sabrina for her expert help in fitting! Once I knew what size to get, I ordered Jasmine's Old Mac G-2 boots... and of course they did NOT arrive before San Diego! So I was panicking, well Sabrina to the rescue again, since she was taking Savannah on the trip and the boots she had that fit Jasmine were Jersey's boots, she kindly loaned them to us! And when we arrived home, we found Jasmine's waiting...

Aren't they pretty?

First time on hooves

And darn it, already got them dusty and full of dry weeds!!! {grin} but we had a nice ride!!! Thanks to Hilary and my friend Laurie for going with me!

I meant to take a picture of them close-up again afterwards but it got dark on us...

And looking back at the pictures, yeah, I think I need some practice putting them on, looks like the "inserts" aren't exactly in the right place - but we will get there!

Of all the boots I have seen I really like the looks of these, and Sabrina says hers have done a LOT of miles! So I for one am looking forward to that... and I THINK Jasmine is too... at least so far she doesn't take off when I come out to the pasture with her halter in hand!

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