Friday, June 11, 2010

Luna Goes to Summer Camp...

And what a busy day it turned out to be. A friend of mine who lives in Casa Grande needs to borrow a pair of horse boots to keep bandages and meds on her horse's front feet... the vet said use duct tape but she is alone and the horse not cooperative so that is just NOT working... the duct tape is sticking to everything except where she wants it! And we have exactly the right size of boots for Destiny...

This same friend has a neighbor that is trying to rehome a goat, and a gal we know in Waddell said she would take it but has no way to go get it... do you see where this is going?

So after morning chores, I loaded up Luna and the boots and headed for Lindsey's in Queen Creek. Driving south on the 303 I saw TONS of sunflowers and thought "you know, MIKEY would take pictures of these"... and the camera was out of reach. But I have to go home that way! Because I have so much to do and want to get home in time to take a nap before class... I blow a trailer tire on Interstate 10! Called Randy just in case as it was fairly close to his school, but I had it changed by the time he got there. He did tighten the lug nuts tighter than I was able to...

The culprit:

Running late but met up with Patty to transfer the goat, here she is taking goodbye pictures...

And meet Gwen:

She was quite unhappy but we used a horse halter as a harness and managed to get her out of one trailer and into the other without losing her in the bank parking lot! Hurray for a successful goat transfer!

Then it was off to Lindsey's to deliver Luna! Got her settled with Thorn...

And off to lunch!

By this time I am running SO late, I can forget about a nap. And can you tell me WHY it is that people have to have accidents in the middle of the Interstate 10 during rush hour traffic on the rare occasion that I am in town with my horse trailer???

So now there is no way I am going to make it to Gwen's new home in time to still get to Discount with the flat tire and make it to class... so Randy meets me after school on the side of the 101 and takes the tire (yay Randy)!

Finally got Gwen to Erika's, was in such a rush I totally spaced taking pictures there :( but I didn't forget the sunflowers:

I even took video but it still doesn't give you the effect of driving through them darn it... so if you're local and get the chance, take a ride down the 303!

{yes i was driving but don't worry this is NOT the kind of camera you have to be looking through!!!}

And I don't know how but we DID make it to class on time!

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