Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Zack & Zoe's new "people parents" came to visit again tonight.

With "strangers" in the house I had to hold Hannah down to nurse...

Zoe obviously feels safe with her new mama!

Zack wasn't feeling all that great. He had an episode... it appeared that he barfed up poop. I had come home to quite a mess with Hannah locked up all day (the girls were gone all day too) and I think he may have eaten some of her mess... has anyone ever experienced anything like this? He only barfed for about a minute, small amounts, but it looked and smelled exactly like Hannah's mess... I had already had to wash all five puppies as they had crawled in it {lovely} so Zack had to have a second bath... yesterday Hilary forgot to shut Hannah's crate when she left for work and Randy came home to a mess on the kitchen floor... but I think we will leave the crate open on purpose from now on. Better to have the mess on the floor than in with the puppies!!!
Poor little guy...

Prayers for a quick recovery are much appreciated :)


debby said...

Once I cared for a woman who was dying of cancer, and she actually was vomiting excrement. It was HORRIBLE. I hope you dog just ate someting.

The People History said...

they are so cute , love them

Hope all goes well ours eat horse apples and anything else going so it would not suprise me babies eating moms poop


kdwhorses said...

They are just too cute!

Mrs Mom said...

Awww!!! So cute!!

Yep, pups and foals will eat really gross stuff. Sprinkle a bit of meat tenderizer on mom's poops and that *should* stop them. (if you can that is.)

Give them all a rub from the Southland! Such sweet babies!!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Ahhh, such cuties!
Yes, pups will eat momma's poop especially if you keep them in close quarters, try letting them completely loose for lots of the day and give them small amounts of other food laying around for them to chew on, this sometimes helps.