Monday, July 7, 2008

Young Trip Part 1

As Randy and I and our friend Mary headed north toward Payson on SR 87, we kept seeing Yucca or Agave, also called Century Plant. Trying to take pictures from the Jeep was kinda hard. Can you spot them?

Then traffic stopped dead, DPS flashing lights up ahead, and look what was right there!
Since Mary used to dispatch for DPS she called and spoke to a gal she knew there, who told us it was a vehicle fire in the southbound lanes and we shouldn't be delayed long. Meanwhile I also looked ahead to see the beginnings of the cloud build-up... thinking WOO HOO, we are gonna get rained on this afternoon {big grin}
Once they let us go we could see the smoke up ahead
Snapped this one as we went by, but the smoke was so thick we couldn't see anything.

Felt real sorry for all the southbound people! The line of traffic went on...
And on... And on!!!
To be continued!

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