Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mormon Lake

We've done this weekend ride put on by the Arizona Desert Riders for ten years or more... it's always fun and always different. This year they tried doing the arena games in the morning so we didn't get rained out. And it worked!

See Thorn knock down a pole...

Darci gets a pony ride
Bad part is, it started raining right as we finished so we never did get a trail ride this afternoon. The good part is, I got a really nice nap! Woke up in time for dinner, awards, auction and dancing. All in all a great day :)

PS Lindsey made it back up about 3 or so, she DID find the dog! So if anyone needs a Heeler, he needs a job!!! She cannot take him to school when she leaves in December and unless his behavior changes drastically he cannot stay here without her, he listens to her only and won't leave my poor donkeys alone... we're hoping if he has a job to keep him busy it would help.

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Momma / Cowgirl said...

Sure sounds like it was fun. I wish there were more people to get together with here that ride for fun. Of course, hubby and I are so limited to when we can ride. We are still in classes, so at least we have to ride twice a week.

Glad to hear all is good with the dog.
happy horsin' around!