Monday, July 14, 2008

A 7-day Pupdate

{OK Blogger is being stupid and won't upload any pictures. So I will try again later.}

(next morning) OK it's working now, so here we are:

Tried to get them to line up in order - HA!

puppy pile

Boy #1

Girl #2 - gotta love that tongue. She is the smallest although it does not appear there is really a "runt" in this litter.

Girl #3

Boy #4

Boy #5 - waving, see?
My hand - they have doubled in size in a week!

Love how they use each other as pillows

Mama wondering why she has an empty nest!

Sherman loves his little brothers and sisters

Radar too

and Vada

We really did give them all back but Mama is counting!

All that excitement wore the "big" puppies out... so they make their own pile. And Radar is the pillow!
Good night...


debby said...

Gosh, it always amazes me when I find that someone else has problems. I sometimes have problems with downloading pictures. I thought I was stupid. Maybe it's NOT me?

Susan, package going in mail this AM. My county has gone positive for WNV, the first time it's happened on my watch, and I'm busier than a one armed paper hanger.

Sara said...

How precious!!!! Hard to believe they start out so little and then grow as quick as they do, huh? Cuties for sure!

kdwhorses said...

OMG, what cuties! Love the pics!

I agree Blogger sometimes gives me fits on uploading pics! I think it has PMS!

debby said...

I love the picture of Hannah standing in the middle of her 'empty nest' looking a tad confused. That picture sums me up, for sure.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Oh my gosh they are cute, cute, cute. Well actually the whole herd is cute. That has to be why tiny dogs are so popular-they just never outgrow that "cute" stage.

Momma / Cowgirl said...

Oh how darling. Makes me want a new puppy!
And the red and blue thumbnails are cute too. LOL

happy horsin' around!

Sheryl said...

So very adorable!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting the great pictures. :)
take care and have fun!~