Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A Trip Down Maui-mory Lane

OK sorry about that one... couldn't help myself. {snort}

Last year my mom took Lindsey and Hilary to Maui for their high school graduation trip. Lindsey was graduating, Hilary just got hers early. And - she wouldn't take them unless I went too, to drive them around and be responsible for them. We had a lot of grand adventures and took a lot of great photos. My mom keeps a photo album at the Maui condo and somehow misplaced the pictures she has asked me to print for her to take along for it. So I had to print them again and mail them this week. Got me thinking about that trip and thought I would share a bit.

On our Road to Hana trip we ended up at the Pools of Oheo (also called the Seven Sacred Pools but that's a tourist thing, there aren't just seven). As we were leaving - bcause it was getting dark - this is what we saw.

Somehow he saw me looking at him and getting out my camera, and he waved at me. I motioned for him to turn and got this great shot:

Then I went scrambling over rocks and creek to the path hoping to get there before he left, and I did! Actually there were two of them, and they chatted with us for a few moments and when they found out we had horses at home that we missed terribly, this is what we got:

That has to be one of the biggest highlights of my trip :)

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BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Megan and I dream of the day when we actually get to ride horses on the beach. We don't care what beach!!

Chris was stationed in Hawaii when he was in the Marine Corp-so he would really like to take us back there to show us around. I can't wait.