Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Stork Was Here Again

This morning Hannah did not want to go outside but I knew she needed to potty so I coaxed her out of her crate and off we went to clean stalls and feed the horses like every morning. Except THIS morning Hannah stuck to me like glue... After I fed the horses I fed the dogs as usual and she wouldn't even go eat, just sat and stared at me... so I asked her if she needed to go inside and she made a beeline toward the house. She went straight to her crate and I had a quick detour... when I came out, there was pup #1! No wonder she was in such a hurry to get inside...
This is 6:30 a.m.

I immediately called Lindsey who was, of all days, at her dad's... "How fast can you get here?" "Why?" "Because Hannah is having puppies and I have to go to work..." At 7:00 #2 arrived...
Lindsey had arrived by the time #3 showed up at 8:00, so I went to take my shower and get ready (had already called that I was going to be late) and right before I left #4 arrived at 8:40. I was almost to work when Lindsey called to say #5 had arrived at 9:13.
Hannah is so funny, she sits up to nurse
Here are the pups in a row, in order, starting with #1 on the right...

#1, boy, born 6:30 - big blaze, big shoulder stripe, patch on hip and white tip on tail

#2, girl, born 7:00 - no facial markings, narrow shoulder stripe, wider hip stripe, and white tip on tail
#2 again because tonight's picture she moved... this one was taken while she was still wet this morning
#3, girl, born 8:00 - narrow blaze, equal spots of black and white, and a white tip on tail

#4, boy, born 8:40 - mostly black, very thin blaze, lightning mark across shoulders, and what a surprise, a white tip on tail
#5, boy, born 9:13 - all white except for head and one spot at base of tail which is all white not just the tip
This pup #5 might not have made it if Lindsey wasn't paying attention, Hannah was just not getting the sac off of him, she called me to ask how long it should take and I told her to help, just then he started spasming and she broke it over his muzzle and right away he was fine. However he is STILL searching for his missing spots!
Here's the puppy pile

They could be Yin and Yang except they are both boys...
The other pups are fascinated of course and Hannah is not happy about that, but we did let Sherman meet his little brothers and sisters and he was happy to lick each one of them to welcome them to the world :)

So, Mikey, which one does Wade want????


Sheryl said...

They are so CUTE!!!!!!!!!!
Love the white tip on tail... :)
Love the one still looking for his spots. Matthew is drooling! :)
take care and enjoy those babies!
~Sheryl & Matthew

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Awwww-they are sooooo cute! Hannah did a good job this time huh? Why does it work that way? You want a litter and you get one-you was hoping to avoid more and you get five-LOL.

Glad everything went well and Hannah and the pups are all doing good.

debby said...

OOOOOOooooooh. They are so cute, and Wade surely would like one for his truck. I think you just oughta pick one out for him, maybe stick it in his truck someday as he's leaving. A surprise for him.

mikey said...

ARRRRGGGGHHH, NO!!! No no no, I keep saying no. You're gonna sneak one in here, I just KNOW IT, lol.
Boy they sure are cute though. Whew!

DEBBY SHAME ON YOU. I just read your comment, lmao! *shaking head* I might as well resign myself to a "little dog". You people are relentless!!

Of course there's a flip side... I could have fun with this. Buy Wade a lil pink dog purse and make HIM carry the dog in public... hmmm... :)

PaintedPromise said...

actually Mikey you might just get lucky... i think they are all spoken for already! but i will sure keep you in mind for a backup