Saturday, July 5, 2008

Full Bellies

Very soon we are going to be real busy around here... Hannah is due sometime this next week.
The 2-dimensional pictures just DON'T do justice to this belly.

And I find myself wondering if Betty Jean is also having a LITTER!
How would YOU like to be carrying this around? And she's not due until October at the earliest!

Look at that face! You can almost hear her say, "Hey you are not POSTING these are you???"
And again the 2-dimensional pictures just DON'T do these girls justice...
Becky Lynn

Peggy Sue


Sheryl said...

They are so sweet. I won't tell them you posted their belly pictures~! Matthew is excited to see the puppies, bet Hannah will be glad to have them!!

debby said...

These animals are taking the whole 'be fruitful and multiply thing' right to heart!

kdwhorses said...

Lawsie me, I am beginning to wonder what is in your water there?!?!?! LMAO!!

Poor girls, they look like they are about to pop!

Looking forward to puppy pics!

debby said...

Hm. You know, just in case it IS the water, I'd be drinking something else. Just in case.

PaintedPromise said...

no worries gals - i'm "fixed" lol

kdwhorses said...

ROTFL! Don't Worry gals I'm fixed! Holy molie!

Callie said...

Love those bellies! LOL, "Git in me bellie!"