Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cliff Jumping

On the way to Hana we stopped at Waianapanapa State Park, where the black sand beach is. Almost the first thing that caught the girls' attention was this:

See the little people at the top? They were jumping off...

The girls asked me if they could do it and I said yes. They made me promise to take lots of pictures and then rushed off, and my mom asked me if I was crazy. Well they are both very good swimmers and I could see other people doing it and surviving... my feeling was, if I told them no, they would always wonder if they could have done it. And I didn't want to be responsible for that...

But I must admit that the whole time they were swimming out and climbing up I was chanting "please don't die, please don't die"... it's hard to tell from the pictures but we figured it was about a 50 foot jump, into the ocean waves.

First Lindsey

Then Hilary

Then they had to climb out over lava rocks in the waves - later they told us that this was actually the hardest part!

And Hilary had the wounds to prove it!

Silly girl, she was hoping this would leave a scar so she would always remember her cliff dive...

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