Friday, July 11, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Yup. It's my birthday... heading up the hill to cool country for a weekend camping with the horses. Internet weather shows it's not raining up there like it is here so off we go...

And we had a safe trip up, set up camp and I took off for a short ride with some friends while Randy napped. Got to ride part of the Arizona Trail which was new to me, and loved it!

Back to camp for a pot luck and someone's husband had a birthday earlier in the week so she brought a birthday cake to the pot luck... so I even got birthday cake :)

On another note, Lindsey finally found a home for her dog Tanner... however after 2 hours there he had gotten out and disappeared. Instead of coming up with us this morning as planned she went looking for him. No luck but she did finally make it up at midnight... and is planning to go back tomorrow to look some more.


Sara said...

Oh my gosh!!!


So sorry I missed the big day...I've been spending lots of time with the horses, since I can do it now. :)

Funny thing grandmother's birthday is also on the 11th, and so is my aunt's (her daughter's).

I hope you had a great day!!!!

Momma / Cowgirl said...

oh my... Happy Belated Birthday!!