Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Only One Left?!?!?

Maureen who works down the hall from me said she wanted a puppy before they were born, dibs on a girl... I sent her links to prior blogs with pictures of Zacchaeus, Hannah and Sherman, and she was so excited... then I sent her pictures and blog links when the puppies were born, and she was even more excited. She wanted to see them in person before deciding which one of the girls would be hers. Since my friend Mary also wants a girl, we both wanted Maureen to hurry up and pick, so that Mary would know which one was hers... Tonight Maureen and her husband Ken came out to see the puppies. Girl #2 now has a human mama and a name - Zoe! (Which also means that Girl #3 is now Mary's puppy and she can get busy choosing a name as well!)

Maureen had told me that Ken kept saying wait till the puppy picks you, don't decide boy or girl ahead of time... but she wants a girl. Ken fell head over heels for Sherman and wanted to take him home, but I can't part with my boy - NO WAY! Ken then wanted to see the boy puppies and since Lindsey wants to keep Boy #5, I picked up Boy #1 and Boy #4 and showed them to him. He immediately took Boy #4 from me and started talking to him. Maureen in the meantime is saying "No Ken, I want THIS one". I think she said "No Ken" about 50 times. Ken then said to her, "You can have YOUR puppy and I can have MY puppy". So little Zoe will not go to her new home alone...

Maybe Maureen should have said it 51 times?

PS I took pictures of Maureen and Ken with their new babies but when I went to download them, found that someone had removed the card from the camera. I am supposed to send the pictures to Maureen... how do I explain this????? I deliberately put the card back in the camera last night after downloading the pupdate pictures because I am bad about checking that it is in there... apparently Lindsey and her friend used the camera today and left the card in the reader. After much searching Randy found the cord to plug the camera directly into the computer but there are no pictures on the camera even though I SAW them after I took them... gggrrrrrrr. {but thanks for trying to help me honey :)} And Lindsey's response? "Just tell them to come back and take more" - even bigger GGGRRRRRRR.

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