Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pieces of Pennsylvania

So yesterday I get home late (Midweek Fellowship) and find a box from Debby Life's Funny Like That

I was so excited! She had e-mailed that she was sending me "pieces of Pennsylvania..." - WHAT could it be???

There were coasters from Wendell August Forge - 1 is owls, 1 is a covered bridge and trees, 1 i an eagle and 1 is pinecones, and there is a holder for them. Wish the picture showed the detail more clearly, they are amazing!!

The coasters came in a box that was handmade by a woman at her church. Like me Debby was amazed that someone could have the time to MAKE a box. It is so beautiful, I will not be able to recycle it like I do most gift wrap bags etc. Nope, this one is STAYING! And, a jade horse!

The cutest metal welcome sign, I always look at these but never would splurge for myself!

And now, you have to all PROMISE Debby that you won't laugh. She sent me two huge bars of Hershey's chocolate. She told me later that it did not occur to her until AFTER she mailed the box that it was awful hot here in Arizona... yup, when I opened the box and picked up the chocolate, it felt like Hershey's chocolate soup rather than chocolate bar!

I had to write her right away and tease her... but also report that thankfully the chocolate soup had NOT escaped the wrapper, so the other Pieces of Pennsylvania were unhurt. I did put it in the frig and it hardened back up but wasn't really a "bar" any more... this last picture is after I had scraped some of it up with a spoon...

I told her before it arrived that her package would show up on the blog... little did she know what a good story she would give me! I was laughing when I went to bed last night, I was laughing when I ate chocolate today, I was laughing when I took the pictures, and yes I am laughing typing this.

Sorry Debby, couldn't resist!

And I also have to say that I think this whole post would have been funnier if you had written it. Or Mikey. Oh well. I'm the one with the chocolate so it's all good :)

PS I noticed when I was going to throw it away that Debby used the same box I had sent her ladybug in... so now my mission is to find something that will fit in the box and SEND IT BACK TO DEBBY lol


debby said...

LOL. 'I'm the one with the chocolate, so it's all good.'

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Can't wait to see what you think of the originally planned gift. And you've got a birthday coming up. So, as you said, "It's all good!"

PaintedPromise said...

whew glad you aren't mad at me - we are all laughing together right?

mikey said...

I got sparklers!!!!! Ok, MERCY got sparklers :) Wade and I got a beautiful knife and an awesome Zippo lighter :) Very very nice!!
I like the idea, I'll save the box too and send something AZ in it. You think they'd like some cholla cactus?? lol or maybe not...if I could only package a pony up...
Hey, you got puppies yet???? Don't you DARE give one to Wade!

Sheryl said...

That is soo cool about the box. My friends in HS did that with birthdays! The box got decorated more each time.. The only thing is, Lori, my friend since sixth grade, was here in April and we suddenly realized we didn't know what ever happened to "the box." It was a hoot finding something to fit in it, have fun! By the way, those are really nice presents! What fun. When is your birthday, Susan? :)

PaintedPromise said...

ok now i am pouting, i didn't get sparklers!

Sheryl - 1 week after Indpendence Day ;)