Monday, August 31, 2009

Diet Day 10

This morning the scale says I have lost 6 pounds...

I'd hoped for more, but I still have today and tomorrow...

And we have been doing some serious talking about changing our eating habits long term. I am so not happy about the 10 most forbidden foods... which are:

1) pizza

2) french fries

3) potato chips (even low cal)

4) anything fried or breaded

5) sweet breakfast cereals

6) regular soda (non diet)

7) cake and desserts (even fat-free)

8) chocolate of any kind

9) overeating too much bread (but having a small sandwich is ok)

10) ranch-style salad dressings (choose thinner dressings instead)

#8 and #10 are seriously going to kill me!

The good news is, I am not feeling as hungry in between. And not eating as much! This diet really IS training our bodies to be different...

But can I say that Randy is not exercising with me much, and he promised. And the *&^%$#@ has lost 10 pounds!!!!!

{JK honey I love you... and I am happy for your success! I know how important it is for your health...}

1 comment:

Debby said...

Randy might be breaking the law...and if that is NOT against the law, really, it should be....