Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Diet Day 5

Randy asked me, did I notice anything about eating? I mentioned my surprise that I wasn't getting shaky, but didn't really know what he meant. He said he thinks he is actually getting "satisfied" on less food than a few days ago.

And he's right!

Day 1 my first meal was scrambled eggs and ham. I ate 3 eggs and 4 slices of ham. I could have eaten more but the goal is to be "satisfied" and not "full".

Today my breakfast was again scrambled eggs and ham. I ate 2 eggs and 3 slices of ham. And I was satisfied.

I am also amazed at how a handful of peanuts can be so satisfying.

I did have the "big boss" in the office yesterday. He's a nice guy but high maintenance and lots of stress. Big boss days are also known as M&M days.

Yesterday I would have almost killed for just one M&M.

Now you are worried... did I do it?

I have the key to the drawer...

NO! I am woman, hear me roar lol. Roar yes... M&Ms, no. At least, not today...

Good thing the big boss isn't expected back until a week from Thursday ;)

PS Of course since I told him I was NOT getting shaky... this afternoon, I did. But I was able to eat my #3 meal half an hour sooner than planned and the rest of the day went just fine!

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