Saturday, August 1, 2009

Farewell Holly, Trooper, Charlie and Paint Mare!

Today we delivered some of the critters to their lease homes.

Holly is going to "babysit" a 2-year-old who is driving her mama crazy wanting to brush horses. As you can imagine, Tatem cannot reach the big horses, and mom is afraid she will get stepped on! So mom has to HOLD Tatem while she brushes... and brushes... and brushes... and mom is exhausted! Enter Holly who is just her size and everybody is smiling!

Trooper is being leased by a lady out in Tonopah, Mary has always thought she wanted a donkey but never had one, so Trooper is going to teach her about donkeys and of course being the sweetie he is she will fall in love and want one of her own ;) Funniest thing is, we were trying to coordinate transportation as Charlie was also being adopted out in Tonopah, but that fell through at the last minute... so Mary said to bring him along! Best of all she has helped a friend rehab an ex-roping donkey so she already understands his "issues" and is willing to deal with him with love and patience!

I had not advertised any of my riding horses but got an e-mail from someone about a woman in Cottonwood who wanted "big" old horses for a therapeutic riding program. I talked to her via e-mail about Paint Mare as a lease only, I will NOT sell her, she has been too good a horse and with her size I would worry about losing control and having her end up headed for slaughter, she is a BIG girl... in the meantime my friend Sandy heard I was leasing some of the little guys and asked if I by chance had a "good" big horse that her husband could ride. I told her about Paint Mare's lease and she said if it falls through let her know... and on Thursday I got an e-mail from the leasing girl that someone else had given her a horse that would work so she no longer needed Paint Mare. Sandy and her husband live in Queen Creek right near Lindsey! They have 3 geldings, 1 with horrible arthritis which precludes him being ridden and 1 a boarder, leaving them with 1 horse to ride... Paint Mare will think she has gone to heaven having 3 men all to herself!

And we did not come home with an empty trailer... Mary (with the donkeys) had a gelding for sale but was worried that being in remote Tonopah she woudln't have much luck, so we offered to bring him to our place and ride him some, get pictures and help her advertise him. She posted an ad as we were driving home and by the time we got there, he was sold - back to the people she got him from, who really missed him, and live 5 MILES FROM MARY! Poor folks had to drive clear up to our place to get him... I didn't even get a chance to take pictures!!!

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