Saturday, August 29, 2009

F-ride-day in Wittmann

This morning my good friend Shirley came out to ride with me. The goal was to find a way through the brush and washes over to Mary's on the SOUTH side of Patton Road... as I am getting bored with the north side, having mostly ridden there for the past 7 years.

We rode about 3 hours, encountered several dead ends where we had to turn back, but we did make it to the "big wash" which means we can get through, as I have ridden to and in that wash several times leaving from Mary's.


The south side is BORING!

Good thing Shirley was there to talk to!!!

So I think I will go back up to the north side next time and see about finding a different way to go... it's just a lot prettier in that area! Only a mile or two distant but what a change in the desert - oh, and much fewer houses on the north side! At least, once you get away from the two big subdivisions with their brick fences {sigh}

Makes me so glad I have a trailer and friends to go camping with! Next weekend, GROOM CREEK!!!!!

On another note, both Radar and the male pup (we call him Justin) are back home with us. Retirement center apartment living just isn't working out for either of them, and although Randy's dad loved the little pup, and the pup loved him, and also loved playing with the kids, SIL was not raised with pets and just doesn't want them. Since mom and dad already had one dog when they moved in, she put her foot down at two.

Darn it!

So the pup will be going back up for sale, to try and recoup some of the original purchaser's money... he's 5 months old and only 4.2 pounds so he's gonna stay a little guy!

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