Sunday, August 2, 2009

Farewell Jeffrey, Skeye and Wiley!

Today it was off to Paulden to deliver Jeffrey, our last donkey foal from this year. He has been sold since he was a couple of weeks old - to the folks who board with me during the winter, and adopted Fred and bought Clementine - but they were waiting for him to be weaned, which has now been accomplished. So this goodbye was not a hard one, as it was expected and planned and puts a nice chunk in the feed fund!

Then it was Rim Rock, where Skeye is going to stay with my friend Suzi for a while, she was looking for a smaller mount for her grandkids, who are small enough to still need leadline which works great for Skeye, she is only greenbroke but is such a pocket pony that she should be fine with an adult walking her.

This is Rachel who showed up at Grandma's well prepared! Obviously a girl after Mikey's own heart, in her pink cowboy boots and pink cowboy hat!

...and a HUGE grin!

Then it was off to Camp Verde for a quick bite of lunch at Cafe Charro YUM and to meet my friend Rose who lives up on the Rim, and is going to lease Wiley for a while... she has a mini horse who gets very upset with the big horse goes away to ride, and since the mini horse has just been bred, Rose wants to see if company will help keep her calm as she is concerned she might slip the foal... well Wiley was quite happy to get OUT of our trailer now that he was in there all alone... but he most certainly did NOT want to get right into another one! We managed though and then it was off to visit our friend Barb, before heading BACK to Suzi's place...

See while we were there, they were talking about rearranging pens and panels and the new barn they had just completed and moving horses appropriately... and pointed out a pile of panels that they hadn't gotten around to hauling off yet. Seems the big horses had bent them up some, and they were light-weight enough that they were headed to the dump. Well we offered to haul them off... Randy said they weren't that bad that he couldn't fix them so that they would work fine for the minis! Suzi's husband was thrilled with that solution but we couldn't put them in the trailer WITH Wiley so had to go back afterwards... I felt bad because Skeye saw/heard us come back down the driveway and whinny whinny whinny... she thought we had come back for her I guess.

So I thought I was coming home with an empty trailer but I came home with a FULL TRAILER! And something else but you have to wait until tomorrow for that story... because we ran out of fuel on the way home due to a faulty gauge... of course in the middle of NOWHERE! Thanks so much to our friends Lisa and Carter for rescuing us!!! But it made for a LATE night and tomorrow is work...

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