Monday, August 24, 2009

Diet Day 3

A big diet rule is, do NOT weigh yourself every day. But we got this new scale and I just can't resist... got to see if I am making any progress!

Bad idea. The morning of Day 2... weight is the same.

Yesterday, Day 2, was "fruit day". 3 meals of fruit only, and one "deli sandwich" which is 2 pieces of bread and whatever sandwhich meat you prefer. I did really well as far as hunger too, except for the "lunch" meal (meal #2), which was my sandwich. Because of the ride (see yesterday's post) "lunch time" was later than it would have been if I was at home... I was SO ready for that sandwich! But I am really proud of myself. Day 2 with no morning coffee (yes coffee is allowed, but only PLAIN, and I do NOT do "real" coffee... my "coffee" consists of half hot chocolate and half instant capuccino mix, english toffee flavor... so definitely a big NO-NO on this diet!) and even when offered a soda I stood firm and did not cheat!

This morning, woo hoo, 206!!!!! 3 pounds in 2 days. Yeah. I can do this!

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