Thursday, August 20, 2009

If Debby can do it...

Debby is one of the "best friends I never met" that blogging has brought me. I found her through Mikey and was bowled over from the start by her writing style and her sense of humor. She was always pure blessed entertainment and a joy to visit.

Then Deb got breast cancer. And you know what? Her honesty and openness and willingness to share her experience, while not always what one might call "pleasant", have kept me bowled over. She is an inspiration to me as, from reading the comments on her blog, she is to many, many others.

Right now there are a lot of crappy things going on in my life. But any time I need a pick-me-up, a dose of reality, I can get it from Debby. As scary as cancer is, and all the c-r-a-p she has had to go through because of it, she never stops counting her blessings. So how could I do any less?

IMHO Debby is also extremely brave. So with her example, how can I even hesitate to be brave too?

With all that you are probably looking for a big problem to be discussed now. Well, it's big to me anyway... Seems like ever since I hit what they call "the big 3-0", I've been adding a few pounds a year that I can't seem to get rid of. I have tried exercise - it makes me more hungry! I have tried eating less... it makes me light-headed and shaky. My daughter reported that she changed one thing - stop drinking everything but water - and lost 15 pounds! Didn't work for me :(

So a few friends from AZBCR have been trying this diet... and having some success. One 15 pounds... one 9 pounds... the thing about this diet is, it's an 11-day program. So ok, I figure I can stick with ANYTHING for only 11 days - right? And my hope is that if I have a decent weight loss at the end of that 11 days, that will be enough incentive to take the recommended break and then do it again! OK, well, at least that's what I am hoping!

Randy has kindly agreed to join me in this endeavor. And yes it will be good for him too, healthwise. Nuff said. He'd rather not blab every little detail on the internet like I do lol...

We start Saturday!

Here's the really brave part. My weight. Yup. I'm gonna spill it.


There. I'm still breathing. Of course I haven't hit POST yet and no one has seen this...

but if Debby can do it...

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