Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Got A Phone Call...

FROM DEBBY!!!!! (Life's Funny Like That)

It was awesome. We nattered on about serious stuff, funny stuff, inconsequential stuff, and all kinds of stuff... it was just awesome. I haven't looked at her blog yet but I am wondering whether she will post that she got to hear my donkey Wiley braying over the phone {grin}

Hard to believe we've never met (and quite honestly unless she comes to visit AZ there's a good chance we never will) but she has become, through blogging, so important to me... it was just awesome to talk to her.

I think having said awesome three times now I'll just stop.

{{Debby thanks again so much! You are awesome ;)}}

1 comment:

Debby said...

You're awesome too. Thank you for being one of my 'special treats' as I played the waiting game. It is what it is, Susan, and I have cancer again. I will set out on this journey yet again, and I will, like the last time, look for blessings. And, know what? I betcha I find 'em. Just like I did last time.