Sunday, September 20, 2009


A guy Randy used to work with has a different job now and is baling hay. He called the other day to see how things were going and Randy said we are hanging in there but it's really tough... so the guy said "hey, come get a couple of bales of hay..."

I thought "that's nice" - you know, every little bit helps. Imagine my surprise when Randy returned with ONE BALE:

Yes that is ONE BALE! 4x4x8, 2300 pounds... a grass/alfalfa mix and although I prefer not to feed alfalfa, the big girls can handle it and WOW what a tremendous boost to my hay fund! Although after getting it into the barn - not an easy feat for just 2 people, especially when one is terribly allergic! - I am wondering where the second one is going to go...

Can you believe the size of that bale? And just in time to help out Ruby...

I also had time to take some pictures of her:

Poor old girl!!


Mikey said...

Aren't those awesome? The rancher feeds the cows those, comes on his flatbed and tips it off (I imagine he uses a tractor to get it on there) I've never seen anyone move one by hand!! You go girl!!

Carroll Farm said...

I am so glad that Ruby found her way home to you and it was so nice to help in that area. We just don't have room for a horse that we can't use right now- at 15 already, stall space is limited. :)

I laughed when Josh came home and said that he worked as hard as our kid! Glad we could help and let us know if you need anymore. The 2nd horse is doing great and the girls rode her at the Saddle Club gymkhana today - not competing but rode her around.

Good luck placing that 2nd bale! :)