Saturday, September 5, 2009

Groom Creek After All

After passing out last night from emotional strain, I woke to a beautiful day. Had a nice ride while watching the clouds build and got back just in time to unsaddle before the storm hit. Sherman, Rocket and I had a nice nap while it rained, then visited with friends until the pot luck. Afterwards there was karaoke and despite the nap I headed off to bed fairly early.

A call from Randy during the day let me know that they never did get the Dodge home last night... after finally getting it loaded, they headed back down the hill and blew a tire on the flatbed before they even got to Congress. This is the trailer that was stolen and recovered after over two years, but of course it came home sans spare... and although Randy went all the way home and took a tire off the little horse trailer and went back, it was the wrong bolt pattern. So the Dodge on the trailer was left in Congress overnight.

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