Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prayers Please!!!

Went riding today with three friends, actually Pat came here, we rode to Sara's and picked her up, then rode to Mary's and picked her up, and just rode around our area. Decided at one point we wanted to lope, Pat and I got pretty far out front and then her horn bag went flying off, so we pulled up so she could hop off and get it. I looked back and was commenting on how cute Buck and Tonka were, two BIG geldings loping along so slowly, when suddenly Buck bucked and Mary hollered and he stopped and she didn't so we rushed back, by this time Sara was off Tonka and holding Buck, didn't know what was up with Mary but it wasn't good... I called Randy and asked him to come get her in the Jeep and we could walk her horse home, and he was on the way. Then Mary said when she tried to move she could feel bones grating, pretty sure she broke her pelvis, so we called 911. Randy got there first and thought we should get Mary down but I have always been told RULE NUMBER ONE is do NOT move the injured person, we asked her if she was able to maintain in the saddle and she said it was bad but trying to move was worse so she just stayed there, we tried to keep Buck still and he did realy well, even when the ambulance came (without siren as we had requested so as not to spook the horse). The two paramedics got out and one was a scrawny guy smaller than me, the other a 5-foot maybe woman... no way were they going to get Mary off that big gelding of hers! Fire truck came next with several more guys, none of them had ANY horse experience except the woman, luckily they were willing to listen to us... brought the gurney over slowly, introduced Buck to it, he sniffed at it and was ok, pulled it next to him but when several guys came too to try and get Mary off he sidestepped away from them. Randy was the only one tall enough but my fear was that he would hurt his bad back... however working all together, he had Mary hug huim, started easing her off the saddle, and as she came off the other guys grabbed her and got her on the gurney so he wouldn't have to bend or twist and blow out his back... we didn't need TWO people in the hospital! They said this was a first for them, they had lots of calls for horse accidents but usually the rider was on the ground, they had never had to rescue someone off the top of a horse! They insisted on calling for air-evac so as not to bounce her along the road for the hour to the trauma center, so we took the horses and headed for her place, Randy stayed with her until she was loaded and flying.

Then he went home and got the truck and trailer and came back to Mary's to get Pat and me and our horses, as it was almost dark by then and too dangerous to try and ride home. Once we had them home and put away, and the girls had pulled in right behind us to feed, we headed for the hospital.

Bless Mary's heart, the first thing she asked me was "I didn't hurt Randy did I?" and I assured her that he was fine, he was in the lobby since she was limited to two people, he had told us girls to go on in. Shortly they moved her from trauma ER to the surgical ICU and it was quiet enough the nurse let us all three in for her. She has no family here locally so they were very good about letting us be there with her. She was cracking jokes about going in a helicopter and not being allowed to fly it, and said she actually did it on purpose to get out of scooping poop so that her roommate and boarder would have to do it all...

X-rays showed a definitely broken pelvis so an orthopedist will be in to see her in the morning.

Please pray for my good friend Mary to have a speedy recovery!!!!

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