Sunday, November 23, 2008

Not What I Planned...

But I did get SOMETHING done today. My goal was to finish the dog pen... I've been working on it for two weeks. First rototillered it, then lined it with railroad ties, then wheeled about a billion wheelbarrows of mulch and made a layer, and finally I have been doing the top dirt layer - one wheelbarrow at a time, I use a screen and cull out all the rocks (which I am dumping where we get mudholes in the driveway when it rains), then wheel the screened dirt into the dog pen, then sprinkle grass seed on the mulch, water it good, cover it with dirt and then water real good again. If I am lucky I get 2-3 wheelbarrows a day, most days I only get one, but a smallpiece at a time I have been getting it done. Inthis picture you can see in the front where I haven't finished yet.

But in the first sections, in the back, LOOK! GRASS!
Anyway my goal this weekend was to FINISH the dirt in the dog pen, and then hang out with my critters and take some pictures. But I got a call from our boarder Chuck who said he adn his son were available Sunday to help put the shades back on the pens their horses are in (see the shades were set up for minis so too low for the big horses and we had to take them off and re-do them, and hadn't gotten it done yet... and they are predicting rain later this week!) With their help we knew it would be much easier so...

HURRAY!!! Thanks Chuck and Matt!!!!!

I did catch a few shots of critters on my way back up to the house... Rocket


OK guys you have to BACK UP if you want pictures lol... this is Rocket and Sherman again with Shasta's head on the left...

John Henry inspecting the water hose... mama is never far from him!

Actually even though I didn't get the dog pen done, we did get lots of stuff done this weekend AND had some fun as well... couldn't ask for more :)

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