Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sorting... Sorta!

Today I went to a "sorting kickoff" over at Brandi Lyons'. Yes that is John Lyons' daughter... she has a place not too far from us. They actually had Rick Lamb (who is on RFDTV? if I remember right) out there filming a spot, with him "learning" to sort... it didn't occur to me until I sat down to blog this that I should have gotten pictures of Brandi and Rick for y'all... I don't watch TV so it's no biggie to me. No really... I haven't watched TV/cable/satellite in almost 7 years... January is the "anniversary". So if you see that segment, look for us LOL we might POSSIBLY be on TV. And I won't see it... Anyway back to the sorting.
My friend Fawn and her husband David.

My friend Lisa having a talk with Maggie the Mustang.

Melanie's first time sorting on her gaited horse DD, and that's David again.

My friend Cyndi and her gelding Thunder have a lot of experience moving cattle...

Cyndi and Pamela switching out.

Meet Maggie the wonder dog. She is amazing! Melinda can control her just by words and/or hand motions and she is an awesome cow mover. And she STOPS when Melinda tells her too. The funniest thing is if anyone else tells her to do anything, she looks to Melinda to see if it's ok.

My friend Fawn took some pictures too for the AZBCR website and I jacked a couple so I could be in my own blog ;)

Katie and I guarding the gate.

The cows were pretty rank (new) so NOBODY got a good score, even the folks that do this all the time. That's why I say "sorta" lol. But we had fun... Any day on a horse is a GOOD day!


Mikey said...

Fun stuff! Looks like she bought the house next door, the one at the end of the road. She said she might do that. Looks like fun though!!
I hadn't seen that she was doing anything lately. She hasn't had any ads out or anything. Looks like a nice setup there. Glad you had a good time!

Reddunappylitivensfe said...

Sorting looks like so much fun. We were introduced to it in Equestrian Team events, my daughter loves it. I havnt had a chance to try it yet. She plans on doing it again this year.