Friday, November 28, 2008

Maricopa Trail

Today we joined another AZBCR ride, on the Maricopa Trail. We rode from the Anthem Trailhead at 11th Avenue and Desert Hills, headed west under the I-17 and ended up at Pioneer Village for lunch, then rode back. What a good trail! Fun going under the freeway, in the creek...

And now to show off my photo taking expertise lol... first, how to cut off my daughters' heads... here are Thorn and Paint Mare...

Then I tried again and cut off the horses, so you get Lindsey and Andria!

One more try... I got the horse and person in the same picture, BUT I cut off half of Lindsey and Thorn lol.

I was so happy to have Andria here for a couple of days, and to get to go for a ride...

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

What an awesome ride! How many hours were you all out?
Sounds like you're LCD screen isn't working on your camera. Mine isn't either, and I tend to cut heads off, too. lol!

Glad you had such a terrific ride.
What is the AZCBR, by the way?

New Mexico