Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet John Henry

OK last night while I was sitting watching the new foal to make sure he was nursing, I was running names through my mind and asking him what he thought his name should be... nothing seemed right and then "John Henry" popped into my head. When I went inside I told Randy, and when I went back outside I told Lindsey and she said "That's weird, while I was sitting here I thought his name should be Johnnie" but she also thought that if she told me that I would say it was dumb, "Johnnie the Jack" lol. Then today I had a phone message from Mary who said that ever since I called her about the foal last night, she had been thinking "Henry" and her comment was "What the heck kind of name is that?" but I called her right back and told her about me and Lindsey so I figure he was telling all of us that his name was John Henry so it is already on the application for his papers :)

It's just weird because Mary and I also both got "Clementine" last spring... and we both got "Elsie" for her pup which turned out to be Chelsie which we both like better... and although I got Matilda for the last foal she kept saying no... and when I came up with Madeline she liked it too!

Here are some daylight pictures Lindsey took...

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kdwhorses said...

Oh my what cuteness you have going on there! And John Henry sounds like a perfect name! congrats on the new baby!