Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Veteran's Day

Thank you.

To all who have served our country in the past, in whichever branch of service, during peacetime or conflict.

Thank you.

To all who serve our country now.

Thank you.

To the families of those who serve, for having to make do without them while they serve.

Thank you.

I got this link to a video in an e-mail recently... I hope I can get it loaded here properly...


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Lisascraftroom said...

I've uploaded more pics of the girls in case you forgot about us. Hope all is going well! We are freezng our ASSES off and Dream doesn't have her fuzzy fur yet. Not sure why. Tori has had it for MONTHS. Abby is even lacking in fuzzy's. However she's a bit longer then Dreams. Anyhow we d buy blankets and they finally came in so that will help them some. Thanfully they are in a barn at night. Anyhow HUGS!