Monday, December 1, 2008

Mary Update

Once the orthopedist showed up to look at Mary's X-rays, he told her that she had broken it not only in the front, which was quite obvious - even I could see it - she also has a second fracture in the back. So surgery was scheduled for 6pm, and would last a minimum of four hours... I got a call about 8:40 tonight and my phone said MARY and I thought "what the heck???", I answered and sure enough it was Mary, they bumped her surgery back to 9pm... so she should be under repair as I type.

Mary has a great sense of humor and it is helping all of us through this... another friend Lisa reported her conversation of this afternoon, Mary said she would be getting screwed tonight, and Lisa replied that at least it would be a rich guy doing it (the surgeon)... anyway I would really appreciate continued prayers for Mary, she was told the recovery time would be three months and that 95% of people heal just fine, but 5% don't... and Lisa is one of them, so she tells us that we need Mary to be in that 95%!!!!!

I would also appreciate prayers for my friend Lynn... she finished chemo in June and her hair is finally growing back in... her blood tests have been good until the last one. Levels were up and they were concerned so tested again and the news was bad, the cancer is back and chemo was re-started today. And there is Mary, lying in the hospital bed telling me that she will spend her day praying for Lynn...

Thank you all for your support, I know it's coming :)


Mikey said...

I'm sitting here completely speechless! OMG!!! How is that even possible? Did she hit the saddle horn? Wow... that poor woman. Heck of a rescue!! Props and a pat on the back to Randy, what a guy. He sure is the best.
We'll pray for Mary and hey, if you need ANYTHING AT ALL for her, holler. We can much stalls, do whatever needs doing.
That is just some craziness. I had to call Wade and tell him before I even replied to this. He was just as shocked.

Lil Mama said...

Wow, I just read the previous blog about how this happened. My dad is a Paramedic/fireman and he also instructs. One of the things he tries to teach is how to react or procede with ranch and farm situations for just such occasions. I hope your friends will both be alright.

Debby said...

Holy cow! I'm with Mikey... So the horse bucked with her on, and she broke her pelvis?!!!!

I cannot imagine being stuck on the horse with a broken pelvis. Glad the horse was so good and the rescuers so careful.

I love how everyone pitches in. I'll pray.